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Track Data & Complete Challenges

Want to know how far you drive the ball?  What your clubhead speed is? How much spin you can get from your wedges?  With the OnRange Experience, all of that data and more will be instantly available to you at the practice range – visible on an iPad and even read out loud after each shot.  Looking to test your consistency or hone your play? Try the Skills Challenge and see just how well you know your own game!

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Monitor Shot Data From Home

All of the session information is stored on a secure cloud server and accessible to you immediately after your done from any device that is connected to the internet.  You can view all of results – from today, the past week, the past month, and since you first started using OnRange – by logging into your personal account where you’ll have the ability to filter the data in any way you’d like. 


What You Get

Shot Distance

The measured carry distance of the ball along with both roll and bounce.

Ball Speed

The golf ball’s speed right after impact.

Club Speed

The speed of the club head directly before impacting the golf ball.

Smash Factor

The measurement of a golfer’s ability to translate club speed into ball speed. Higher the number the better, optimal smash factor is 1.5

Launch Angle

The initial angle of ascent of the golf ball immediately after impact.

Spin Rate

The initial spin on the golf ball after impact.

Golf Range Experience

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